Quality optics at affordable prices.

Considering the features and given accessories as well as the quality offered, NightEye® is probably one of the most cost effective rifle optic systems suitable for military use.

Wise Choice

NightEye® comes as an optic system with all the accessories you need, not as a simple rifle scope. Our customers do not need to shop for rings, anti-reflection device, scope cover, flip-up lens covers, optic cleaning kit, not even for a spare battery.

Wise Choice

Liberating Experience

NightEye® scopes has been designed in accordance with the operational needs of our customers. We listen to and understand what a shooter or hunter needs while fielding a riflescope. We design the scopes to the exact requirement of our customers by adding our experience and using the latest proven technology available.

Simply, our customers do not need to fit their needs to the models offered at the market.

We create scopes to fit our customers’ exact needs.

Tactical Excellence

NightEye® riflescopes and equipment are manufactured and tested in accordance with the military standards. Creating robust equipment is our priority. Our scopes gather almost all the proven tactical advantages offered in the riflescope market. Knobs are properly knurlled in order to provide a good grip even when using gloves; fast zoom lever added for rapid magnification change even without looking at the zoom ring; wide range of parallax and diopter adjustments provide sharp focusing; intensity control is a must and offered as a standard feature on our illuminated reticles, and many more...


We have designed mil-spec riflescopes for general and special purpose use. All to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.



10x42mm | 30 mm tube | 0.1 mil | Mil-Dot

Designed to meet medium range, high quality, low cost riflescope requirement, especially for use on high recoil weapons.



1-8x28 mm F1 | 34 mm tube | 0.1 mil | Daylight Illumination | Versatile

Low power riflescope which can be used as a reddot with daylight illuminated reticle. Specially designed for CQB applications.



Most of our accessories are supplied with our rifle scope systems - not offered as an option or additional cost item. However, if you need our high quality accessories for your existing riflescope, you may still purchase seperately.